Three Ways to Start Your CoolSculpting Journey

One question we get asked a lot when people are first learning about CoolSculpting is: “how many treatments will I need- – and how much will it cost? The short answer is, it is completely dependent on desired results and budget.

The journey with CoolSculpting can be completely life changing- – but that doesn’t have to mean an extravagant investment. It is for this reason, that at our practice we encourage our guests to start with what we call a “high impact,” small package. These high impact areas can be complete game changers for people, from the way they look in the mirror, to the way they feel while going for a run. In addition,. it allows our guests to sample the amazing effects of CoolSculpting and the way it works on them personally so they can feel confident moving forward with treating larger areas in the future should they decide to do so.

The first high impact area we love to treat are chins. It is so common for people to develop a pocket of fat where the chin meets the neck. On men, this can make the chin look weak with minimal structure or sharpness. On women, it tends to make faces look rounder, heavier, and can prematurely age a person.

The next area that’s a perfect sample size, is the inner thigh. Generally, this is an area is more commonly treated on the female shape because women tend to develop stubborn pockets of fat there. One of the reasons we love to recommend this area is because it can really be a great way to kickstart a fitness regimen. We have a lot of women who have challenges of chafing during physical activity, this is a great way to combat that and make working out more comfortable.
The last area as a popular starter package is the arms. There’s nothing that ruins selfies more then bulky arms. When treated appropriately with CoolSculpting, a leaner arm line can make a person appear 20 pounds lighter. In addition, shirts and dresses look so much better with a sculpted arm. We really love to see guests treat arms before skin laxity starts to become an issue (generally around age 50.) The reason for this is to avoid and prevent saggy arm skin which is only correctable by surgery.

Most people would benefit from treatment in one of these areas. Generally, we find that our guests are amazed by these small packages that can bring life changing value. Come get a consultation and see if there’s a small package that is right for you!

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