Shape vs Weight

Thankfully we no longer live in a world where waif thin is the desired look. It seems we have come to the realization that curves in body’s form are aesthetically pleasing. Shape is beautiful and should be celebrated once again.   Refining this shape through body contouring is what CoolSculpting is all about. This process has less to do with the number on a scale and is more about loving what we see in the mirror.

As clinicians, we get excited to help identify how we can help our guests love their bodies to the fullest. Many of our guests come to us wanting to not only love their shape but lose weight. Unfortunately, making that number budge on a scale is not something CoolSculpting can help with, and we make sure all of our guests understand that. If a guest wants to lose weight, we generally tell them to have a discussion with their doctor to determine an appropriate weight loss plan.

Even though CoolSculpting can’t help you lose weight, it can help inspire a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise because of the amazing results it gives. Sometimes seeing great results in areas (previously resistant to diet and exercise) motivate people by driving confidence. We have seen this inspiration boost, time and time again, when results from CoolSculpting appear and people regain a sense of self love. As CoolSculpting clinicians, this is one of the best feelings about our job! We love to help people feel good again!

We all probably feel like we would be happier about a weight lighter then we are, whether it’s a 5 pond difference or 50. We encourage all of our guests to try and engage in healthy lifestyles. Arguably the biggest part of truly living a healthy lifestyle, is self- love. When there are areas of our bodies we are truly uncomfortable with, self- love can be challenging. At Hidden Oasis we know body contouring through CoolSculpting can make all the difference. We stand by CoolSculpting with pride because we have witnessed the transformative affect it can have, inside and out.

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