2020 – 2021 Menu


30 Min Stylist Reservation

$50 Minimum Reservation

(Single guest only)

  • Men’s Cut/ Women’s Cut (without blowdry)/ Kid’s Cut

45 Min Stylist Reservation

$90 Minimum Reservation

(Single Guest only)

  • Women’s Cut + Gloss/ Deep Conditioner + Blowdry included
  • *Women’s Color (Roots only)+ Deep Conditioner (*Blowdry not included)
  • Men’s Color + Men’s Cut

90 Min Reservation

$185 Minimum Reservation

(Any additional cost for add on services not included will be discussed BEFORE starting services.)

Able to service up to 2 household members

Examples of possible service combinations:

  • Women’s Color (Roots) + 2 Haircuts
  • Womens’s Color (Roots) + Mini Foil (under 10 foils)+ Cut
  • Women’s Partial Foil + Cut and Blowdry
  • Men’s Color+ Women’s Color with Haircuts
  • Women’s Color Roots+ Men’s Cut + Kids Cut
  • 1 Full Foil Highlight for Short-Med hair+ *Blowdry (*If time allows based on length and density)
  • 1 Vomore Application + Haircut

*More combinations are possible!  Additional charges may be necessary for additional product and time to achieved desired look.  Details will be available during consultation.  Please book a complimentary consultation for specifics on pricing and timing.  If a box color has been used prior to service, please let our team member/ stylists know so they know how to book and treat your hair.


180 min Reservation (3 Hour)

$475.00 Minimum Reservation

  • Able to service up to 6 household members total

(2 allowed in the Salon at a time)

Examples of possible service combinations:

  • 6 Haircuts (Men, Women, Children)
  • 2 Womens Color Roots+ 4 haircuts
  • 1 Long Hair Full Foil and Cut
  • 1 Women’s Full Color (Root-ends) + 4 Haircuts
  • 1 Vomor Service+ Color and Cut
  • 1 Women’s Color Roots+ Partial Highlight+ 2 Cuts

*More combinations are possible.  A team member will contact each reservation to help address aesthetic challenges and recommend best value services.  If hair is extra long and a full cut and color is necessary (example: color correction or balayage) a 3 hour appointment for a single person would be recommended/ necessary.


We are now accepting guests in the Spa and Medspa.  See those Menus for more information on treatments and pricing.