Laser Hair Removal

Optimal results for hair removal are typically seen in 9-12 sessions. However, most of our patients begin to see significant results in just 2-3 treatments. To receive hair removal service, guest must shave a designated area within 24 hours prior to treatment. In addition, no waxing or plucking 30 days prior to treatment.

Fuzz-Free Facial$200 / 60 min
Includes a full laser hair removal treatment for cheek, chin and lip.

Begin the process of banishing shadows on the face caused by unwanted hair. First, we steam, and do a deep detox to remove any impurities. Next, we use our proprietary blend of professional Aveda products to brighten the skin and refine texture, while incorporating a full session of laser hair removal. We finish with a Swedish-style facial massage to hydrate your skin to the perfect balance.

Package of Three Treatments

Upper Lip$105
Legs, Full$560
Brazilian (female)$315
Arms, Full$245
Back, Full$315
Back of Neck$210
Linea Nigra$105
Full-Body Package*$1,300
*Consultation required for pricing on Full-Body Package. Prices may vary depending on the density of hair targeted.

Isolated areas not listed may be treated, such as toes, hands and ears. For complete pricing, please schedule a complimentary consultation.

Laser Hair Removal