CoolSculpting for Men

Many people ask us if men get CoolSculpting. The answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! Some of our happiest guests have been men looking address bulky areas. When we have men visit our practice, we have different strategies for body mapping that aim to enhance a male figure. Our top areas of concern for men are chin, flanks, and stomach. Our triple certified clinicians feel truly confident in addressing and treating these areas due to extensive training at CoolSculpting University.

Our male clients, tend to love the absolute discretion when it comes to getting treated with CoolSculpting. Many of them are even able to do it on their lunch hour. Our male clients love that everyone will notice but nobody will know what they did to enhance their shape. In addition, many men are able to go back to the gym the same day as treatment. This makes the CoolSculpting method incredibly appealing and unique.

It seems as time goes on we keep getting more and more men coming through our doors to get CoolSculpting. This is a shift we truly embrace and welcome in the years to come!


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