Coolsculpting as Preventative Maintenance

As humans, the way our individual bodies store fat is as unique as our thumb print. Our bodies are all shapes and sizes with different attributes. One thing we all have in common through all of our differences, is that by adulthood we keep a set number of fat cells unique to our DNA. With weight fluctuations, this set number of fat cells does not change. What happens instead, is that the fat cells expand and contract as weight changes.

This means that if you happen to hold a bulky pocket of fat in, (lets say, your arms) that ratio of heaviness in your arms, is not likely to dissolve with simply diet and exercise. It can certainly become leaner with diet and exercise, but its hard to deny genetic fat distribution.

If people tend to have resistant pockets of fat, many of them may notice them into early adulthood when the fat cell numbers stabilize. While diet and exercise is always a good idea, sadly, when it comes to these stubborn pockets of fat, it may not be enough to visibly reduce them. In addition, these stubborn fat pockets tend to get harder to minimize as we age.

If the areas are left bulky for long stretches in our lives, skin laxity starts to set in where an area can look saggy and skin looks thin and hollow. We generally do not recommend Coolsculpting at this stage because it’s effectiveness is diminished when the skin surrounding the fat cells becomes compromised.

It is for this reason, that we encourage our guests, to treat sooner then later, once they realize diet and exercise is not enough to reduce areas of fat to their liking. The appropriate time to get treatment is different for everyone, and we get happy guests of all ages that get great results. That being said, CoolSculpting as a preventative maintenance measure is highly effective and we absolutely recommend it.

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